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A Bit of Background

It all started with my love for French bulldogs! The first time I laid eyes on a Frenchie I just knew I had to have one! It took quite some time and research before my husband and I bought our first Frenchie. My husband actually surprised our three children and I with a trip to go pick her up. I immediately fell in love with her once we got her. She was like our fourth child and I couldn't get enough of her. Then we bought our second Frenchie about a year in a half after. We decided we wanted to breed and have Frenchie babies of our own. From pregnancy to birth, bringing the puppies home and raising them has been the most incredible experience.

Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love, attention, and hands on care. They are very socialized. Our Frenchie's are around a variety of different sounds like; TV, vacuum, children running and playing, to the outside world noises. Once they are old enough our children play a very important part in playing and showing them lots of love.​

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about our Frenchie's, past litters, and upcoming litters, and get in touch with any questions.  Showcase Frenchie's is here for you.

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